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Family-owned and operated for more than 80 years, Millerbernd Systems is an industry leader in stainless steel fabrication because of our continuing commitment to innovation and excellence. We are a single-source solution for all your design, automation, fabrication and installation needs. Whether you need a complete system or a single part, we offer comprehensive assistance through all phases of development, from the initial on-site analysis to the final installation.

Our staff is comprised of experienced mechanical, electrical and process engineers and service-driven project managers. Our 120,000 square foot state-of-art manufacturing facility includes a fabrication and laser division which specializes in custom cutting of thick plate mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and brass. Our fabrication services also include: forming, rolling, robotic and conventional welding, cutting, shearing, machining, complete assembly, blasting and material finishing. We focus on delivering the highest level of customization, tolerance and quality.

If you need custom dairy or food processing equipment, bulk material handling systems, electrical controls, or cost-effective fabrication services, we are here for you.

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330 6th Street South
PO Box 37
Winsted, Minnesota 55395

t: (320) 485.2685

Our History

Original Facility, circa 1960
Current 100,000 plus Facility, 2011

The legacy of Millerbernd Systems spans more than 80 years and three generations – and continues to grow with the ever-changing industries we serve. My grandfather, Carl Millerbernd, started the company yin 1933 as a welding and repair business in Winsted, Minnesota. His focus was on providing services to the local agriculture and industrial community by manufacturing and repairing equipment.

One of the company’s earliest and biggest customers was the local creamery. My grandfather designed and manufactured stainless steel cheese-processing equipment for the business. In the early '50s, stainless steel was considered an exotic material to be fabricating equipment out of. My grandfather spent a lot of time developing techniques and expertise to work with the material.

As luck would have it, one of the creamery's customers was Kraft Foods. While touring the creamery plant, Kraft saw some equipment manufactured by my grandfather and began placing orders for custom equipment delivered across the country. That allowed us to expand our offering into the cheese and dairy industry, which has continued to grow since.

As a youth, I worked part-time after school and on weekends at the company. I did leave the business after college to pursue other interests, and later returned to take a sales manager role. I’ve been honored to serve as president since 1997. My father, Ralph Millerbernd, is still active in the business as chairman of the board. Our company continues to evolve and expand with a diverse product line, organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Hard work and perseverance are the drivers of the company's growth.

Creating a strong team is also key to success, and I'm fortunate to have a very dedicated and competent team in various key management positions to look after each market segment and manage the day-to-day operations.

Over the last decade, Millerbernd Systems has expanded and diversified the company by separating laser cutting and fabricating services into a separate operating division to expand our reach into the OEM market. More expansion transpired through acquisitions into dry material-handling systems including offering a line of patented bulk material-adding pneumatic conveying equipment.

Millerbernd Systems is structured into four marketing groups that are separate but integrated under one roof, and still utilize the same plant. These include Millerbernd Systems, Millerbernd Automation, Millerbernd Laser and Millerbernd Lighting.

In 2008, we expanded our facility to 120,000 square feet to house our full-time quality control management and support personnel. That same year, our laser division achieved the coveted ISO certification. With the growth of our OEM contract manufacturing services group, we implemented the ISO quality system to assure our customers that parts arrive on their dock free of work defects.

R&D remains an integral part of the business. As the food and dairy market becomes more competitive, our customers are always looking for ways of improving the efficiency of their manufacturing systems. They look for the development of new, innovative equipment or automation solutions to reduce production costs or increase production capabilities.

Our goal is to remain a premier supplier to the food and dairy industry, continue to develop product offerings, and further expand our services to our OEM contract manufacturing clients.

Brad Millerbernd, President

"A Tradition of Innovation and Excellence...Since 1933."