Simulation & Factory Acceptance

Millerbernd develops simulation programs using a simulation software package. The software encompasses all of the system I/O configuration and mapping, so the PLC experiences the simulation as comprehensive I/O. This allows the HMI/PLC system to run in a testing environment:

  • All HMI to PLC communications are verified.
  • All auto sequences are run.
  • All devices are ‘checked-out’ such as Transmitter Displays, and Motor/Valve Auto/Manual functionality.
  • PID Loops are run and verified.
  • All I/O functions and analog transmitters that require a feedback are simulated.

As part of our Factory Acceptance Test Procedures, our customers review and test the control system in this simulated environment. The results are more efficient start-ups and a fine tuned control system – which is another value-added benefit of working with Millerbernd. In turn, this is an added-value benefit to your projects and bottom-line.

Quality Control

Our goal is to help you operate your production facility profitably, efficiently and in compliance with current government, industrial and safety regulations. We understand the necessity for our valued customers to comply with nationally and internationally recognized quality standards such as GAMP, (c)GMP, USDA, 3A, 21 CFR Part 11, ISA-88, ISO 9001, OSHA and associated FDA requirements and regulations.

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