Precision Metal Cutting & Forming

Whether you need a high-precision cut edge, sophisticated beam management or optimal material usage, Millerbernd Laser has the solution, and with a quick turnaround. We are constantly striving to exceed industry demands for laser cutting productivity, quality and on-time delivery, which translates directly into decreased costs and competitive pricing for our clients.

Our laser-cutting services are supported by state-of-the-art Trumpf equipment and controls utilizing carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen for beam generation. These extremely reliable lasers are fully integrated with our production planning and operating systems allowing us to maximize set-up speed and minimize down-time ensuring on-time delivery of your mission-critical components.

Laser Cutting

  • Up to 1.50" Thick Carbon Steel Cutting
  • Up to 1.50" Thick Stainless Steel Cutting
  • Up to 0.75" Thick Aluminum Cutting
  • Increased 'Beam-On' time
  • Quicker setups between sheet and plate nests
  • Competitive pricing from one part to thousands
  • We work with many of the most popular CAD formats
  • Solid Works, AutoCAD, Inventor, .dxf files, and many others
  • Leading-edge nesting capabilities reduces waste
  • No scratches on polished or brilliant finished materials
  • No cutting variations or distortions due to tool wear

Plasma Cutting

  • Up to 3.25" Thick Carbon, Stainless, and Aluminum Cutting
  • 180" x 600" Cutting area for your largest parts
  • Rotary turning head for tube cutting and beveling

Metal Forming & Rolling

  • 20', 12', and 8' length brake presses
  • From 60 ton to 716 ton
  • Highly-repeatable results on high-quantity part runs
  • State-of-the-art precision on your heaviest, most complex parts
  • 14ga x 36" length with 5" minimum diameter
  • 7ga x 72" length with 9" minimum diameter
  • ΒΌ" x 122" length with 14" minimum diameter (4-roll machine)
  • Carbon and stainless steel rolling capabilities
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The accuracy and repeatability of our laser-cut parts expertly prepares them for robotic welding. The laser cutting, along with good fixturing, creates highly accurate weldments.

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