Lighting Projects


Lighting Pole and Structure Design

We employ the most advanced, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to develop an extensive variety of standard lighting poles and the design flexibility to create custom poles to your specifications. After more than 80 years of manufacturing lighting structures, we have developed a proud list of projects that highlights our capabilities.

Broadway Viaduct Bridge (Council Bluffs, IA)

Part of a large city-wide arts project, these bridge mounted area light poles were painted orange and yellow to represent the sunrise in the east and sunset in the west. These lighting standards were designed to support LED baton extensions and Halogen flood lights with the pole being clamped directly to the bridge decking.

Product Part Number: ART-D-109-A-400-DM19-R-GP

31st Street Redesign (Fargo, ND)

The city of Fargo, North Dakota selected Millerbernd’s EURO decorative lighting structures, based on contemporary European design, for the streets surrounding the Scheel’s Arena. Available in round or multi-sided cross sections, manufactured from carbon or stainless steel, these roadway light poles add a modern decorative look to any bustling downtown.

Product Part Number: DES-061-A-078-200-R-GP

Logan International Airport (Boston, MA)

Galvanized high mast light poles paired with a stainless steel lowering devices created the ultimate lighting package where corrosion resistance to the brackish waters of Massachusetts Bay was a concern. 80 and 100 foot high mast structures were packaged with Millerbernd’s SSLD2 dual winch and cable luminaire lowering device, supporting up to 8 flood lights to light the terminals at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.

Product Part Number: 16-100HRH77B-8V-SSLD2-GV & 16-80HRH77B-6V-SSLD2-GV

Cincinnati Streetcar (Cincinnati, OH)

The perfect complement to Cincinnati, Ohio’s revitalized Over-the-Rhine district, Millerbernd Manufacturing Company’s tapered octagonal overhead catenary supports for Mass Transit Rail Structures are galvanized per ASTM A123 specifications and finish painted black with our Millerbond wet coat painting system.

Product Part Number: 730B1765-27070

Palmer-Wasilla Highway Lighting (Wasilla, AK)

With a mixture of high-mast lighting towers and galvanized steel roadway light poles, the city of Wasilla, Alaska selected Millerbernd Manufacturing Company’s SJ1 lighting standard. These round galvanized poles were designed to support a 20 foot tapered arm with a luminaire mounting height of 40 feet above the roadway.

Product Part Number:  SJ1-201-A-109-A-450-GV & 16-160SHRIA-6H-SSLD2-ALVD-GV