Quality Light Poles

Commitment to Quality

Superior Durability, Corrosion Resistant, Locally Sourced

Designed with contractors and public safety in mind, our lighting standards were developed more than 50 years ago to leverage superior durability and quality. Millerbernd quality light poles and traffic signal structures are more cost effective, and offer stronger construction than other available pole options. Because Millerbernd provides support for Departments and Transportation, Cities, Counties, and Municipalities throughout the United States, product quality is one of our largest concerns. The flexibility of our manufacturing process provides quality and consistency from small to large formats, allowing for both an imaginative and cohesive light pole design.

  • Corrosion Resistant

    Over 20 million tons of salts are used annually on roadways across the U.S. While de-icing salts and chemicals can compromise other lighting structures along roadways, both our stainless steel and Millerbond finish painted lighting poles and traffic signal structures exponentially outperform other metal products in corrosion resistance.

  • Built to Last

    Our stainless steel lighting standards last longer than aluminum, fiberglass or carbon steel light poles. Over their 100-year life expectancy, our stainless steel light poles require little or no maintenance.

  • Safer and Smarter in Knockdowns

    Accidents happen. Vehicles and plows collide with light poles. Our American Association of State and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved, decorative, breakaway H-base protects vehicles, drivers, pole shafts and anchor bolts in the event of a knockdown. With our H-base design, more than 70% of all knockdowns can be reused, saving you time and money.

  • No Vibration Dampeners Needed

    Steel poles rarely, if ever, need vibration dampeners, making it a lower cost solution for high-vibration environments. Our lighting poles have proven to be an excellent option for many high-vibration locations including bridges, overpasses, parking ramps and airports.

  • Faster Installation

    Millerbernd’s popular H-base design saves time and hardware during installation. Our joint base and shaft design eliminates the need for extra equipment to set the pole atop a detached base.

  • Made in America

    Our lighting pole and traffic signal products meet Buy America standards. Millerbernd only uses high-quality raw materials that are melted and made in the United States.