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Millerbernd helped expedite Cheese Plant Project

August 19, 2016: A swarm of construction workers, technicians and employees busily prepare this cheese plant at Hancock, Maryland for resuming production in late August. Lanco-Pennland – a local dairy cooperative – acquired this former Saputo Cheese plant for $2.2 million in late summer 2015 and has invested $25 million to modernize the facility.

Co-op leaders stress the importance of re-opening the Hancock cheese plant to provide a more stable milk marketing climate for members’ milk. Northeast milk markets have been chaotic for the past two-plus years. In the bigger picture, restoring cheese production at Hancock is part of a west-to-east migration of dairy and food processing facilities. Drought and transportation issues cloud some western states’ future as sources of manufactured dairy products. The Lanco-Pennland plant sits within a radius of 200-300 miles of many tens of millions of cheese-eating consumers.

The Milkweed Issue No. 446 | September 2016

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