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Ralph Millerbernd Presented with WCMA 2017 Distinguished Service Award

On April 13th, the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association presented Ralph Millerbernd with the WCMA 2017 Distinguished Service Award. This annual award recognizes individuals that have played a significant role in building the success of the United States dairy industry. Outstanding contributions from these past recipients may include advancements in dairy manufacturing, dairy policy, research, education, innovation and development, quality, safety, and marketing. Most importantly, they are considered trusted partners, advocates and role models whose work has advanced the dairy processing industry.

Ralph Millerbernd grew up working in the family fabrication business where he helped developed cheese handling, lactose and farm equipment. Buying the business in 1971, Ralph then developed the equipment and processes for 640 lb. block production. In recent years, Millerbernd has expanded offerings to the dairy industry to include blockformers, cheese belts, process engineering services as well as full controls and automation services.

Ralph giving his award speech.
Ralph, his wife, Jan, and son, Brad, President, Millerbernd Systems.

"A Tradition of Innovation and Excellence...Since 1933."