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    Competitive Edge

    Reduce labor costs and increase plant capacity
    with our Automated Salt Delivery System.

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  • Serving the Cheese & Dairy for Over 80 Years!

    Let us be your single-source solution for all your process and automation needs.

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  • More than Just Cheese Experts!

    A proprietary iced coffee brewing solution was developed with an improved system to brewing the coffee, filtering and packaging.

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A key innovator in the
cheese & dairy industry

For over 80 years, we have continued meeting the challenges facing productivity, quality and profitability in cheese and dairy plants throughout the world by designing, manufacturing and installing equipment.

Best known for our 640 lb block and 500 lb barrel systems, we have been on the cutting edge of process controls and automation, CIP systems, and a full range of pasteurization and heat transfer equipment.

We employ the best and most experienced in the dairy industry, from our mechanical, electrical and process engineers, to our craftsmen and installation crews. Their experience ensures that what ever type of project, whether it's new equipment, plant upgrade, system integration or service, they will provide an integrated solution to meet your unique business requirements.

Block & Barrel Filling Systems

Our Automated Process Track Filling System seamlessly moves dollys through the cheese fill and press process area move blocks or barrels through each stage of the system. The cheese curds can be processed in several different design methods depending on your specific cheese and production requirements.

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We do more

Not only do we specialize in the cheese & dairy industry we also have experience creating custom process systems for other these other industries:

Food & Beverage


Water & Waste Water

Bio Fuels

"A Tradition of Innovation and Excellence...Since 1933."