Automated Barrel Filling System

In 2011, a Midwest cheese production plant engaged Millerbernd Systems to update and improve the capacity and capabilities their barrel filling line. Upon completion of comprehensive onsite equipment and process assessment, Millerbernd recommended reconfiguring the process to directly blow cheese curd from the salting belt through an airlock to the filling cyclone. The cyclone would auto-fill the barrels to the correct fill weights using an integrated system of conveyors, scales and automation controls.

Project Benefits

Even distribution of cheese curds during filling from bottom to top of barrel creates a consistent density during processing. Even filling creates a superior setting of cheese during the knitting process and help the press plates sit level during pressing.

Project Results

Millerbernd engineered, fabricated, delivered, and installed the modified barrel filling line in the first quarter of 2012 that delivered an output of 20,000 lbs. of curd per hour. Millerbernd’s deliverables included: Conveyors to move barrels; fill cyclone and stand; airlock, scales, metal detectors and curd line. As always, Millerbernd supplied a complete and regulatory compliant turn-key system including the installation of all components, and hands-on start-up assistance.

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