Automated Flatbread Processor

A specialty bread making company was searching for a way to automate its unique flatbread making process. The goal was to engineer a modular system that would efficiently replicate the traditional flatbread making process. Millerbernd Systems designed a sophisticated carousel which consisted of a large turntable with a number of electric hotplates that run at a controlled temperature and speed by the operator. The bread batter was configured to accurately be dispensed by a rotating spray wand during indexing. This automated process was achieved by the use of a positive displacement pump that draws batter from the customer's batter batch tank.

Project Results

Millerbernd engineered, fabricated, delivered, and installed the system on time; and provided one-on-one onsite operator training. However, even though this custom equipment performed as specified, the customer was not happy with the initial look of the cooked product. The bread displayed watermarks from batter drips created from the rotating wand during indexing.Immediately, Millerbernd's engineers began a series of testing and wand improvements to deliver the batter without causing any drips during the table indexing. Both increased productivity and a quality product was achieved.

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