Coffee Brewing System

Millerbernd Systems worked with the manufacturer in the development of a proprietary design for an improved system in the brewing of coffee, and the filtering and packaging. The packaged product, or fusion mix, would maintain a one year shelf life for delivery to the end user to mix with ice, milk and coffee.

Project Challenge

The project required a new innovation that provided two specific outcomes. First, a process design that improved the efficiency of combining concentrated coffee with water, sugar, and selected flavors, then aseptically sealing the fusion for a one year shelf-life. Secondly, to integrate a standardized process that reduced and maintained a balanced acidity in the fusion mix.

Project Results

Through the combination of joint engineering and field work with the manufacturer, Millerbernd Systems provided all necessary equipment, complete sanitary piping installation, automation package, and the start-up and commissioning. In addition, Millerbernd provided all necessary customer satisfaction modifications and enhancements.

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