Colanta Dairy

Colanta Dairy Cooperative, located in Medellin, Colombia, contacted Millerbernd Systems because of our international reputation of being a leader in cheese processing equipment. Colanta wanted to increase cheese production capacity and output through improved automation and systems. The first project was to focus on their Queso Blanco cheese production line, which involved extensive manual labor.

Project Solution

Working in tandem with Colanta, Millerbernd Systems designed the entire cheese processing and CIP system for the Queso Blanco production line. We provided a complete set of Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), designed the process control software and HMI, supervised the piping and equipment installation that included piping from the milk silos to the pasteurizing system, and from the pasteurizer to the vats, draining belt, weigh conveyor, curd distributor and towers.

Project Results

In addition to the plant engineering and project management, Millerbernd designed, built and installed the process equipment on deadline. Queso Blanco cheese production has actually exceeded Colanta's goal of 35, 910 Kg per day. Because of the this project’s success, Colanta has already planned to add two additional towers, cutting machines and other equipment to further expand their cheese production.

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