500 lb. Barrel Automated Systems

Millerbernd Systems has designed and automated more new and existing 500 lb. barrel filling lines than anyone. For over 80 years, we have been the leader in integrating cutting edge cheese processing designs and automation, CIP systems, pasteurization and heat transfer equipment, filling, handling and cutting equipment.

Our Automated Process Track Filling System seamlessly moves dolly carts through the cheese fill and press process area. The system was designed with a series of feeder beams, stop beams on various track sections to move blocks or barrels through each stage of the system. Feeder beams consist of pneumatic cylinders that actuate to provide proper "indexing" distance. The cheese curds can be processed in several different design methods depending on our customer's specific cheese and production requirements.

The experienced process, mechanical and electrical engineering team can design and deliver a complete turnkey system or upgrade a single component of an existing 500 lb. barrel system.

We Do More.

In addition, on every 640 lb. block or 500 lb. barrel project, we includes onsite project management, installation, start up, commissioning and continued exceptional customer service.

"A Tradition of Innovation and Excellence...Since 1933."