Why Millerbernd Rolled Rings

Why Millerbernd Rolled Rings and Cylinders?

Superior Worldwide Reputation

Millerbernd manufactures exceptional rolled rings and cylinders using equipment designed and developed in-house with manufacturing processes we have perfected over the years. This has earned us a great industry-wide reputation for innovation and precision unmatched by any other manufacturer. We have the unique capabilities and efficient processes to build components to your most demanding specifications and precise tolerances.

  • What Makes Us Unique

    Since our founding, we have focused on manufacturing the perfect rolled ring and cylinder. This focus has allowed us to create processes that make us a unique fabricator metal rings and cylinders.

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  • Quality Rolled Rings

    Quality Rolled Rings and Cylinders

    Years of experience have allowed us to offer a wide array of high-quality rolled rings and cylinders without outsourcing any of our processes to save you time, money and frustration.

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  • Manufacturing Processes

    Innovative Manufacturing Processes

    Our unique and innovative manufacturing process results in shorter lead times and lower prices for you. This innovation reduces costly waste and eliminates the time required to handle extra material.

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