Manufacturing & Fabrication Processes

To provide our customers with the rolled ring and cylinder components they need, we have designed and built our own equipment and perfected our manufacturing processes. We have the unique capabilities and efficient processes to build components to your most demanding specifications and precise tolerances. Our one-stop, in-house, mill-to-delivery rolled rings and cylinders manufacturing processes ensure your projects finish on schedule and on budget.

We provide faster turnaround times, offer specialized fabrication services and consult you on the best possible solution for your unique needs. We strive to build relationships, leveraging our broad forming, welding and machining capabilities to enhance, supplement or extend your manufacturing capacity with efficiency and quality. With Millerbernd your machinery doesn’t just work, it works better.

  • Rolled Ring Manufacturing Process

    Rolled Ring Manufacturing Process

    Millerbernd Manufacturing Company rolls rings out of bars, rather than cutting rings out of plate. This reduction in costly waste and time in handling extra material allows us to pass along shorter lead times and lower prices to our customers. After rolling we weld, stress relieve, size, flatten, blast clean, and machine each ring to your specifications. With our unique process, we can form, weld, and machine carbon and stainless steels, aluminum, and nickel alloys. Learn More About Our Rolled Rings

  • Flash Welding Process

    Flash-Butt Welding

    Flash welding was first discovered in 1889. Since our founding, we have taken a unique and innovative approach to perfecting the flash welding process. Our flash welded rolled ring process produces a 100% full penetration weld without the use of filler or flux. This ensures our products have a uniform strength and composition throughout the entire component.

  • Large Diameter Plate Rolled Cylinder

    Rolled Cylinder Manufacturing Process

    Our experienced and innovative craftsmen form cylinders on machines designed and built by Millerbernd specifically for our unique fabrication methods. We begin fabrication by processing raw steel plate in house. Plates are then formed into cylinders on pinch rollers or high tonnage bulldozers. Cylinder seams are then welded through a submerged arc or gas-shielded wire process to ensure a 100% full penetration weld. Finally, each cylinder is stress relieved, checked for perfect size and roundness, blast cleaned, and can be machined to your exact specifications. Learn More About Our Rolled Cylinders

  • Custom Fabrication

    Custom Fabrication

    We also perform custom fabrication based on your specifications. Whether your parts require unique forming, welding, machining or all three; our experienced craftsmen are prepared to fabricate them for you. We’re flexible enough to form cylinders from plates, rings from bars, channel or angle and offer broad machining services in-house. We can create individual weld procedures and CNC programs to ensure the fabricated parts fit perfectly within your finished assemblies. Our sales staff is ready and willing to assist you in your search for a custom solution.