Quality Millerbernd Rings and Cylinders

High Quality Rolled Rings and Cylinders

We Take Pride in the Quality of Our Products

Everyone at Millerbernd Manufacturing Company takes great pride in the quality of our rolled ring and cylinder products and services. Our in-house inspectors offer a variety of tests and reports to ensure your product is manufactured to to your exact specification.

  • Innovative Engineering

    Our onsite engineers harness the latest design and manufacturing technology, transforming your ideas into form-ready specifications; designing prototypes, drawing up material lists, forming templates and more. Our technology facilitates process improvements, enhanced product quality and efficient supply chain movement. As this industry continues to grow, we will invest in the necessary manufacturing technology and equipment to remain at the forefront of innovation and product superiority.

  • Davi Plate Roller Forming Cylinder

    Advanced Technology & Equipment

    Over the years we have and continue to add quality CNC turning and milling machines and other automated equipment to meet the growing needs of our customers. In a effort to increase capacity, we invested in one of the largest hydraulic presses in the nation with a 5000 ton capability, and a CNC pinch roller capable of rolling 10 foot wide steel plates up to four inches thick with unimaginable precision.

  • Weld Testing

    We weld hundreds of products, manufactured from various materials, every day. It is important that every one of these welds meets our customer’s expectation of quality. Our in-house, nondestructive testing (NDT) inspectors offer magnetic particle, dye-penetration and ultrasonic testing to ensure that every weld is consistent and adheres to both industry and our customer’s standards.

  • Faro Arm Inspection of Rolled Rings

    Quality Assurance Systems

    At Millerbernd, we do not want the quality of our products to simply meet industry standards, we want our products to defy all expectations. That is why we have some of the most stringent quality assurance systems for our rolled rings and cylinders. We hold our raw product tolerance to 1/16 of an inch in all dimensions, and machined product tolerances of 1/500 of an inch.