Rail Tanker Car Nozzle Weldments

What Makes Us Unique

There is no one thing that makes Millerbernd unique when compared to other rolled ring manufacturers. But there are multiple qualities that, when paired together, do make Millerbernd a unique manufacturer within our industry. This list of qualities are why our customers prefer Millerbernd when it comes to their rolled ring and cylinder product needs.

  • Focus on Circles Within Core Markets

    We have been dedicated to perfecting the manufacture of rolled rings and cylinders since our founding in 1933. We understand all the ins and outs of fabricating the perfect circle. This focus allows us to fabricate rolled rings and cylinders with tolerances and lead times that are unmatched in the industries we serve.

  • Packaged Rings after machining

    Scaleable Solutions, Mill Thru Delivery

    At Millerbernd, all of our rings and cylinders are manufactured and machined on-site. We do not outsource any of our processes. Raw bars and plates enter our facility and only finished components go out. With quantities from one to over one thousand, we offer a custom supply chain solution for all of our customers.

  • Flash Welding Rings

    Flash Welded Rings and Cylinders

    Our flash-welded, rolled ring process yields no material waste, creating a significant reduction in finished component cost. Paired with on-site machining, this process allows us to offer just in time inventory ordering systems; eliminating the overhead of secondary storage sites and costly stock outs.