Millerbernd and Illumient’s Solar-Powered Lighting Development Earns Project of the Year Award

WINSTED, Minn. (February 28, 2017) – The design, manufacturing and installation capabilities of Millerbernd Manufacturing Company, a leading fabricator of custom structural lighting products and rolled rings and cylinders, were instrumental in a solar-powered lighting project that won the Canadian Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year award from the 2016 LightSavers Summit.

In 2015, the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, selected Illumient, a provider of hardware and software for wind- and solar-powered lighting solutions, to provide LEDs that would light a 1.25-mile, multi-use pedestrian pathway along the Niagara Escarpment. Millerbernd was chosen to provide the poles to which the LEDs would be attached as part of the off-grid, solar-powered lighting project.

“We would like to thank Illumient for choosing Millerbernd to help bring this project to life,” said Trevor Millerbernd, president and chief executive officer of Millerbernd Manufacturing. “We’re excited to apply our manufacturing expertise to smart installations and facilitate environmentally friendly public works projects.”

The logistical challenges of navigating the project area’s topography threatened to inflate project costs and stymie project advancement, leading officials to seek innovative solutions to guide the project’s success. The combination of Illumient’s Illumience cloud-based lighting software and Millerbernd’s manufacturing expertise provided the necessary solution. Working with Illumient, Millerbernd designed, manufactured and installed custom poles built to the project’s unique size, technological and aesthetic specifications.

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