Millerbernd Manufacturing to Expand Operations with New Facility

Expansion adds capacity, capabilities, and employment opportunities

Winsted, Minn, (June 17, 2020) – Millerbernd Manufacturing Company, a leading fabricator of light and traffic structures, rolled rings and cylinders, and airfield ground lighting products, announced it is building a new 110,000 square foot facility to better serve their customers. The new facility will allow Millerbernd to add production capacity, new capabilities and expanded office space. Millerbernd will also create 100 new jobs to support the expansion.

Millerbernd’s new modular facility will consolidate three ring and cylinder production facilities into one building which can be expanded up to 200,000 square feet to provide additional capacity as customer demand increases. It will be the first development in the Winsted Industrial Park, located less than a mile from the existing campus and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020. The facility also allows the company to harness new capabilities in plate rolling and flash butt welding for aluminum, steel, and exotic alloys, while building additional capacity for its OEM business partners. Housed in the new facility will be one of the largest Davi® plate rollers in North America, which can accommodate 6-inch thick steel up to 13-foot plate widths.

With the relocation of the Ring and Cylinder business unit to the new facility, Millerbernd will reconfigure its current production layout for its Pole and Airfield Ground Lighting business units on its current campus. Capacity for the Pole division will be expanded by 35 percent, while capacity for the Airfield Ground Lighting division will be expanded by 50 percent, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced lead times.

“This expansion will bring real advantages to our customers across North America and to our local economy,” said Trevor Millerbernd, CEO of Millerbernd Manufacturing. “Under ordinary circumstances this would not be an ideal time to make major capital investments, but we are confident about our future and the overall economy, especially as reshoring of American manufacturing gains momentum. We also understand how important this expansion is to local businesses involved in the project, so we decided to move forward rather than push it back.”

Millerbernd’s management team spent months working with state and local officials on the expansion, including the City of Winsted, McLeod County, and the Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED). As part of the agreement, Millerbernd will provide significant employment opportunities to support the local economy.