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Who We Are

Millerbernd Manufacturing Company is a reputable fabricator known for producing standard, custom, and innovative light poles, traffic signal structures, rolled rings, cylinders, and accessory components. Established in 1933, we have continuously designed our own equipment and refined our processes to remain at the forefront of the industry. Committed to exceeding customer expectations in service, product quality, delivery, and cost, we adapt to evolving customer needs while positioning ourselves for growth. Located in Winsted, MN, our vibrant town combines small-town charm with access to cutting-edge technology and services, including a state-of-the-art healthcare campus.

Our Passion

Our team comes together because we all share the same passion: proudly growing a safe and secure company.

Values & Culture

Great companies always have a strong set of values. Values are the guiding principles describing what is deeply important to us as people. While our strategies or the products we make may shift over time, our values transcend time, and Millerbernd Manufacturing Company has had five core values since our inception in 1933.

Respectful and Humble with Confidence

We show a polite regard and consideration to others. We’re confident in our abilities and proud of our successes, but we are also humble.

Positive Attitude and Solution Oriented

We have a can-do attitude, and we get energy from solving problems. We understand problems can happen, and when they do, we work together to solve them.

Great Reputation Every Day

We all make the daily choices that make us all proud to be a part of Millerbernd. Our reputation can be reinforced by everything from the quality of our products to the way we participate in the community.

Loyal and United, Working Together

We work together as one team, and we win or lose together. Even when we have disagreements with others, we assume the other person is trying to do what is best for Millerbernd and our customers.

Results Driven

We create momentum based on the goal of getting things done. This means we obtain results by working hard, learning from missteps and not settling for ‘good enough’.