Why Millerbernd?

Transportation & Infrastructure

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Why Millerbernd?

Superior Quality, Advanced Technology,
and Innovative Processes

Millerbernd deeply engages with each market, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements in design, materials, quality, inspections, and certifications. Count on us to provide prompt answers to your questions and deliver high-quality products, guaranteeing best-in-class customer service. Our lighting and traffic signal structures meet Buy America and BABA (Build America, Buy America Act) requirements by using only high-quality raw materials that are melted and made in the United States.

Focused on State DOT Traffic and Lighting

With our primary business focused on DOT traffic and lighting, we immerse ourselves in each market’s requirements to fully understand the nuances of design, materials, quality, inspections and certifications. We commit to knowing how business is done before we cross each border. This focus allows us to better integrate, execute, and support each customer.

Best-In-Class Field Fit Up

At Millerbernd, all parts are manufactured and finish-coated on-site, improving their accuracy and our accountability. Our employees personally inspect and clean post-galvanized and finish-painted products to ensure connections work the first time, and parts fit together the way they were designed.

Best-In-Class Service and Response

No automated phone systems here: only real people. Every customer has a main contact and a factory backup for prompt response. These contacts are well-versed in DOT traffic and lighting products. We follow a CARe (Customer, Action, Response) process to discuss, solve,
and prevent any quality concerns. We value win-win relationships and points of contact.

Chris H.

"We really needed shafts that would match up to a custom decorative cover. When our shafts arrived, all 8 sides were uniform and the fit was perfect!"