Ring & Cylinder


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Military Applications

Millerbernd rolled rings and cylinders are trusted in military defense applications to provide smooth, predictable motion at the base of gunner turrets and other military equipment. Our unique flash welding processes, and flexibility in order sizes, have earned us an industry wide reputation for long-lasting, win-win relationships.

Designed & Fabricated to Your Specifications

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Rolled Rings:

  • 1/4 up to 5-inch thick bar rolled the “Easy Way” or “Hard Way”
  • Diameters from 6 to 120+ inches
  • Flash welding from 1/2 up to 24 square inch cross-sections
  • Custom CNC machining
  • Rough machining of all surfaces up to 120-inch diameter
  • CMM Inspection Reports

Rolled Cylinders:

  • Diameters from 7 up to 144+ inches
  • Single-piece construction of plate widths up to 120 inches
  • Wall thickness from 1/4 up to 4 or more inches
  • Machining of interior and exterior surfaces
  • Custom drilling and boring