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High Mast

Lighting Poles & Structures

A trusted resource for cities, counties, and municipalities across the U.S., and the Department of Transportation, Millerbernd high mast lighting poles provide safety and longevity to any project by using high-strength carbon or self-weathering steel. With the ability to mount luminaires over 200 feet off the ground and the capability to accept any lowering device on the market, Millerbernd can take your project to new heights.


Stainless Steel Decorative Light Pole Fargo ND e1472657593310 Read More

31st Street Redesign

Fargo selected Millerbernd’s EURO decorative lighting structures for the streets surrounding the Scheel’s Arena. Manufactured from carbon or stainless steel, these roadway light poles add a modern look to any bustling downtown.
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Broadway Viaduct Bridge

These bridge mounted area light poles were designed to support LED baton extensions and Halogen flood lights with the pole being clamped directly to the bridge decking.
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Cincinnati Streetcar

Millerbernd’s tapered octagonal overhead catenary supports for Mass Transit Rail Structures were the perfect complement to Cincinnati’s revitalized Over-the-Rhine district.