LIghting Pole Accessories

Cast Arms

It is no secret that getting wires through an arm casting can be aggravating and quite difficult. Our decorative arm castings are designed with a wireway in the hub of the arm to ease the process of threading wires through the arm. We also provide a pull line in each arm, making it simple to pull electric wires through the casting. Our cast arms are designed to facilitate luminaire attachment with a through bolt and/or set screws, depending upon your application.

  • Lansing (CALG)
    Lansing (CALG)
  • Memphis (CAMS)
    Memphis (CAMS)
  • Concord (CACD)
    Concord (CACD)
  • Ventura (CAVA)
    Ventura (CAVA)
  • Olympia (CAOA)
    Olympia (CAOA)
  • Arlington (CAAN)
    Arlington (CAAN)
  • Plant Hanger (CAPH)
    Plant Hanger (CAPH)