LIghting Pole Accessories

Cast Finials

Since finials and pole caps come in all different shapes and sizes, Millerbernd has created a variety of styles to fit the needs of the designer. Based on your needs and specifications, our finials are cast as one piece or custom designed as individual parts welded together to form a single unit. Find the perfect finial to match your decorative lighting application today by contacting our experienced sales professionals.

  • Scottsdale (CFSE)
    Scottsdale (CFSE)
  • Concord (CFCD)
    Concord (CFCD)
  • Tuscaloosa (CFTA)
    Tuscaloosa (CFTA)
  • Odessa (CFOA)
    Odessa (CFOA)
  • Newark (CFNK)
  • Aurora (CFAA)
    Aurora (CFAA)
  • Salem (CFSM)
    Salem (CFSM)
  • Columbus (CFCS)
  • Fresno (CFFO)
    Fresno (CFFO)
  • Palmdale (CFPE)
    Palmdale (CFPE)
  • New Orleans (CFNO)
    New Orleans (CFNO)
  • Miami (CFMI)
  • Helena (CFHA)
    Helena (CFHA)
  • Trenton (CFTN)
    Trenton (CFTN)
  • Duluth (CFDH)
    Duluth (CFDH)
  • Durham (CFDM)
    Durham (CFDM)
  • Madison (CFMN)
    Madison (CFMN)
  • Vista (CFVA)
    Vista (CFVA)
  • Albany (CFAY)
    Albany (CFAY)
  • Athens (CFAS)
    Athens (CFAS)
  • Portland (CFPD)