• Large Diameter Rolled Rings Large Diameter Rolled Rings

    Custom Ring and Cylinder Fabrication

    Custom forming, welding, machining or all three; our experienced craftsmen are prepared to fabricate them for you. Learn More

  • Flash Welded Ring Stock Flash Welded Ring Stock

    Superior Worldwide Reputation

    Designed and developed in-house earning a global reputation for innovation and precision unmatched by any other manufacturer. View Products

  • Cylinder Formed on DAVI Plate Roller Cylinder Formed on DAVI Plate Roller

    Advanced Technology, Equipment & Engineering

    By working faster with less waste, we've created more value for our customers since 1933. Learn More

Millerbernd Ring & Cylinder Division

We've Perfected the Process for Manufacturing Rings & Cylinders

Millerbernd’s Ring and Cylinder Division provides efficient, high-quality industrial rolled ring and cylinder solutions. When we can work faster with less waste but higher quality, we create more value for our customers. That is the philosophy that has successfully driven this family-owned company since 1933, and it still drives us today.

From day one, we have been designing and developing our own equipment for rolled ring and cylinder fabrication, while at the same time perfecting our manufacturing processes. This has earned us a great industry-wide reputation for innovation and precision unmatched by any other fabricator.

We have some of the most unique fabrication capabilities and efficient manufacturing processes allowing us to build rolled rings and cylinders to your most demanding specifications and precise tolerances. No matter your needs, our one-stop, in-house, mill-to-delivery process ensures your projects finish on schedule and on budget.

  • Rolled Rings Stressed Relieved in Furnace

    Rolled Rings

    100% Full Penetration Welds with No Filler

    Millerbernd fabricates rolled rings out of bars, rather than cutting rings out of plate. With our unique process we can form, flash-weld, and machine carbon, stainless steels, aluminum, nickel alloys, and some exotic alloys.

    View Our Rolled Rings Capabilities

  • Heavy Wall Tight Diameter Cylinder

    Rolled Cylinders

    Custom Designed to Your Specifications

    Our experienced craftsmen form rolled cylinders on machines designed and built by Millerbernd. We begin by processing raw steel plate in-house. Plates are then rolled into cylinders on pinch rollers or high-tonnage bulldozers. We specialize in rolling thick-walled cylinders.

    View Our Rolled Cylinders Capabilities

  • Custom Rolled Ring Machining


    High Quality CNC Machining

    We offer an extensive line of rolled ring and cylinder machining and CNC equipment that compliments the wide range of products we manufacture, including, but not limited to, flanges, spacer rings, turret rings, and end rings.

    View Our CNC Machining Capabilities

  • Rail Car Bonnet Weldment


    Unique and Innovative Manufacturing

    At Millerbernd, our approach to complex weldments is based on the same commitment to innovation and quality that drives all of our manufacturing processes. Our capabilities include motor frames, tanker car nozzles, compaction drums, and other custom weldments.

    View Our Weldment Capabilities

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We have the unique capabilities and efficient processes to build components to your most demanding specifications and precise tolerances.

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Everyone at Millerbernd Manufacturing Company takes great pride in the quality of our metal rolled ring and cylinder products and services.

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