Machined Rolled Cylinders

Rolled Cylinders

Designed and Fabricated to Your Specifications

Our experienced craftsmen form rolled cylinders on machines designed and built by Millerbernd. We begin fabrication by processing raw steel plate in-house. Plates are then rolled into cylinders on pinch rollers or high-tonnage bulldozers. After rolling, cylinder seams are welded with a 100%, full penetration weld. Finally, each cylinder is stress relieved, checked for perfect size and roundness, blast cleaned, and can then be machined or welded as part of a complex weldment based on your specifications.

Rolled Cylinder Capabilities

  • Diameters from 7 up to 144+ inches
  • Single-piece construction of plate widths up to 120-inches
  • Wall thickness from ¼ up to four or more inches
  • Machining of interior and exterior surfaces
  • Custom drilling and boring