Rolled Ring Stock

Rolled Rings

100% Full Penetration Welds with No Fillers

Millerbernd fabricates rolled rings out of bars, rather than cutting rings out of plate. This reduction in costly waste and extra material handling allows us to deliver products with short lead times and lower prices to our customers.

After rolling our rings; we flash-weld, stress relieve, size, flatten, and sandblast your product. We can also machine each rolled ring to your specifications.

Our flash welding process ensures every ring receives a 100% full penetration weld without the use of fillers or flux resulting in a near seamless rolled ring. With our unique process we can form, weld, and machine carbon steel rings along with: stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, and other exotic alloys.

Rolled Ring Capabilities

  • ¼ up to 5-inch thick bar rolled the “Easy Way” or “Hard Way”
  • Diameters from 6 to 120+ inches
  • Flash welding from ½ up to 24 square inch cross sections
  • Custom CNC machining
  • Rough machining of all surfaces up to 120-inch diameter
  • Faro Arm Inspection Reports