Why Millerbernd?

Ring & Cylinder


Why Millerbernd?

Superior Worldwide Reputation for Rolled Rings and Cylinders

Millerbernd manufactures exceptional rolled rings and cylinders using equipment designed and developed in-house with manufacturing processes we have perfected over the years. This has earned us a great industry-wide reputation for innovation and precision unmatched by any other manufacturer. We have the unique capabilities and efficient processes to build components to your most demanding specifications and precise tolerances.

ISO 9001:2015

Flash Welded Rings and Cylinders

Our flash-welded, rolled ring process yields no material waste, creating a significant reduction in finished component cost. Paired with on-site machining, this process allows us to offer just in time inventory ordering systems; eliminating the overhead of secondary storage sites and costly stock outs.

Focus on Circular Products Within Core Markets

We focus on what we do best: manufacturing rings, cylinders, and circular weldments. This focus allows us to manufacture all things round with unmatched precision. We center all of our processes and philosophies on creating the perfect circle.

Scalable Solutions to Meet Customer Demands

Scalable means we adapt to your needs whether it's one part a month or thousands. Our redundant capabilities and removal of unnecessary supply channels keeps us flexible enough to offer scalable order sizes and shipments for each customer.

Innovative Engineering

Our onsite engineers possess the latest design and manufacturing technology, transforming your ideas into form-ready specifications; designing prototypes, drawing up material lists, forming templates and more. Our technology facilitates process improvements, enhanced product quality and efficient supply chain movement. We continuously invest in the necessary manufacturing technology and equipment to remain at the forefront of innovation and product superiority.

Flash-Butt Welding

Our flash welded rolled ring process produces a 100% full penetration weld without the use of filler or flux. This ensures our products have a uniform strength and composition throughout the entire component.

Quality Assurance Systems

We want our products to defy all expectations. This is why we have some of the most stringent quality assurance systems for our rolled rings and cylinders. We hold our raw product tolerance to 0.0625 inches in all dimensions, and machined product tolerances of 0.002 inches.