Values and Culture

Values & Culture

Four Core Values Since 1933

Great companies always have a strong set of values. Values are the guiding principles that describe what is deeply important to us as people. While our strategies or the products we make may shift over time, our values transcend time, and Millerbernd Manufacturing Company has had four core values since our inception in 1933.

  • Respectful and Humble With Confidence

    We show a polite regard and consideration to others. We’re confident in our abilities and proud of our successes, but we are also humble.

  • Positive Attitude and Solution Oriented

    We have a can-do attitude and we get energy from solving problems. We understand that problems can happen, and when they do, we work together to solve them.

  • Great Reputation Every Day

    We all make the daily choices that make us all proud to be a part of Millerbernd. Our reputation can be reinforced by everything from the quality of our products to the way we participate in the community.

  • Loyal and United, Working Together

    We work together as one team, and we win or lose together. Even when we have disagreements with others, we assume that the other person is trying to do what is best for Millerbernd and our customers.

Working Together for You

Through our strong work ethic and culture that supports innovation and continuous improvement at all levels, we will carry on the Tradition of Success that started more than 80 years ago. We thank our current and long-term employees for their contributions to the success of our company. Without them, there would be nothing but empty buildings and machinery. Our teamwork makes Millerbernd the company that it is and allows us to help our customers succeed.

Our Passion

Coming from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, we work together to create the best possible work environment. Our passion is proudly growing a safe and secure company. This passion is what unites us and guides us in creating quality products. We’re hardworking, and energetic. We’re excited to come to work every day. We continually build upon previous experience and take manufacturing to the next level. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and support innovate ideas.