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About Millerbernd

Since 1933, Millerbernd Manufacturing Company has been a trusted leader in heavy metal fabrication. Our unique process and extensive capabilities enable us to manufacture our products to the most demanding specifications and precise tolerances. This has earned us an industry-wide reputation for innovation and precision unmatched by any other fabricator.

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Galvanized Steel High Mast Light Pole Read More

Logan International Airport

Galvanized high mast light poles paired with a stainless steel lowering devices created the ultimate lighting package where corrosion resistance to the brackish waters of Massachusetts Bay was a concern.
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Palmer-Wasilla Highway Lighting

With a mixture of high-mast lighting towers and galvanized steel roadway light poles, the city of Wasilla, Alaska selected Millerbernd Manufacturing Company’s SJ1 lighting standard.
Stainless Steel Decorative Light Pole Fargo ND e1472657593310 Read More

31st Street Redesign

Fargo selected Millerbernd’s EURO decorative lighting structures for the streets surrounding the Scheel’s Arena. Manufactured from carbon or stainless steel, these roadway light poles add a modern look to any bustling downtown.